Once again, the lock clicks open...revealing....

Very little....  Most of the suitcases are empty.  One of them, however, did hold some items of interest.  OPEN THE LUGGAGE ENVELOPE NOW.

A note inside, however reads to

“The Library is locked with the last name of the man who is trying to arrest you rose. Be careful.”


Contents of Envelope:

  • Flag

  • Cipher Piece


If time runs out click: "Times up!"  



- Unlock the library door



+ Hint 1

How can you find out who arrested Rose?

+ Hint 2

Perhaps you were given some information about the Rose's Life earlier...

+ Hint 3

Check out the double sided information sheet.

+ Hint 4

On Rose's sheet it says she was imprisoned by Allan Pinkerton.

+ Solution

Type “pinkerton” into the library door