About our Educational Adventures



Just Launched!  


These boxes are sold separately and are NOT a part of the subscription.  They ship out to schools across America to help encourage critical thinking, problem solving, teamwork, and to be used as an outlet to help teach the content.  All of our adventures are cross-curricular and meet Academic Learning Standards. Crates can be bought for any need...from smaller homeschool and individual sets to larger ones that can work for an entire class full of students.  Students work in groups of 6 to solve puzzles and practice their skills.  At the end, the students reset the adventure themselves so that it can be used again for the next class period.  NO TEACHER PREP REQUIRED.    There is a homeschool option available, as well.


+ Is there a homeschool option available?

Definately! When you click the "Buy Now" button on the educational escape room of your choice, you can select the home school option there.

+ How long will it take for me to receive my educational escape crate?

We ship out educational crates 7 business days after ordered. Sometimes we are able to send them out a bit sooner, however.

+ Can we use this over and over again?

Yes! At the end of the educational adventure, the envelopes are reset, so it should be able to be replayed immediately.

+ What do the teachers/adults do during the game?

Unlike in the subscription boxgames, an adult or teacher will need to be "in" on the game and will act as the "game master." They will be given a sheet with all of the answers and clues. When students enter the correct codes into the computer, the teacher/adult gives out the next envelope of props to keep the game rolling.