LARGE GROUP ESCAPE:  Escape the Queen's Curse

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Get Ready to go back in time...

       Agents.... We need your help.   We are sending you back in time to the age of castles, jousts, thrones, and dungeons.  Queen Elizabeth I rules England, but it seems a problem has happened back in time that only you can fix.  The Queen has been poisoned.  Her close advisor and noted alchemist, John Dee, is concocting a cure to her ailment, but it is up to you to take on the quest to save her.  Search the castle, escape the dungeons, and compete in tournaments to gain the essential ingredients to save the Queen in time.  Succeed and you will be in the Queen's favor for all of eternity.  Fail and you might just find history crumbling around you.


What Should I do?

  • Assemble your team
  • Make sure you have an internet-connected device ready to go that is fully charged
  • Look at the back of the envelope for your game code and enter it below.  


Got your envelope and flowers?

Enter your code here