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Escape: Extinction


Mission #6

Available for sale as a RETIRED MISSION.  Buy this as a standalone box and NOT as a part of the subscription.  Only 150 boxes available each month!  Click HERE to purchase!  

     Your time machine has malfunctioned, stranding you back in the prehistoric world....more specifically, the late Cretaceous period.   It is a land of jungles and swamps and is one that is inhabited by creatures you never thought you would encounter...dinosaurs.  While some dinosaurs are curious of your presence, a few see you as dinner.  But the creatures aren't the only ones that draw your attention.  Someone else appears to be back in time too...another time traveler.  Search through his or her camp, examine the findings, and discover a way to return to the 21st century.  Dawdle, however, and you might end up face to face with a prehistoric predator....or even worse.... in the path of the meteor which destroyed much of the life on Earth.  The stakes have never been this high!  Good luck!  


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