Large Event and Corporate Escapes

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Want to "escape" your next corporate event?

Escape the Crate has got you covered.  We will ship out modified versions of our popular escapes.  These escapes are perfect for team-building, ice-breaking, and even as a friendly competition between departments.  These escapes have a 45 minute time limit, but still feature the best parts of the regular escape experience.  Whether you are looking for an event for 50 people or for an event of 500, Escape the Crate will scheme up something to make your next event a hit.  


Email and we will have a representative get back to you with all of the details.  



Travel back in time to the Roman Colosseum to compete in a 45 minute race to discover the secrets of the arena


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Travel back in time to brew an antidote to save the first Queen Elizabeth from a terrible poison.

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