Mothman Report 4


The TNT AREA is a series of abandoned military tunnels and facilities right outside of point pleasant. Many of the mothman sightings were from this area. Using the answers from the other reports may help you find your way through the maze of tunnels to where something may be hidden.


We need to find our way through the maze of tunnels to where the secret is hidden. Enter the number you get from the entrance to the location below. Remember, you will need one of the answers from the other reports to help you out with this challenge!


Need a hint?


+ Hint 1

Make sure you have solved reports 1, 2, and 3. The answer you get from one of those reports can help you out.

+ Hint 2

Report 2 says "Do not trust the odd options." That means that perhaps you only need to take the even tunnels.

+ Hint 3

Starting at the arrow, make a path through the maze only passing through even numbers, recording them as you go and not backtracking on yourself.

+ Hint 4

First, you head right to "32" then up through "4." After that, it is to the left with "22." Where next?

+ Hint 5

Next head down to 8. Put the numbers together and what do you get?

+ Solution

Enter "324228" into the link.