Escape the Colosseum


Mission #3

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        It appears that a major change has occurred to the that has led to massive changes to the present.   America has vanished from existence and Roman numerals are the only digits to be found.  We've pinpointed the beginning of this change to history to be back in Ancient Rome, centered around the Colosseum.  A futuristic object was offered as a prize for winning the games.  When it was won, it gave the Romans technology far greater than they should have had....leading to the change to the timeline.

        We are sending you back in time before the grand spectacle to sneak through the labyrinth of passages. You are to recover the items needed to enter the gladiator match, so you can recover the artifact before it winds up in the wrong hands.  Be aware, however, that you are entering into a world where lions and gladiators lurk behind every corner... but your greatest enemy might be your very friends you are playing with...should you have to battle them for survival...  


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