Time's Up!

Queen Logo.jpg

In a panic, you glance down at the timeline…

     It appears that the glass vial has moved to the last available space...death.  Your mouth drops open.  You are too late.  You drop your current mission and rush back to the throne room and the dying Queen.  She is propped up on the throne, a variety of servants and soldiers fussing around her.  She doesn't look good.  While always a bit pale in her pictures, she is sheet white.  You approach her cautiously and take her pulse.  It is there....faint, but the Queen is still alive.  You look back at the timeline and see that the last step before death is seizures.  The Queen isn't having these....yet.  That is a good sign, even though she still looks an inch from death.  You figure that maybe your timeline might be off a bit.  Go ahead and move the vial back one space and restart your timer once more.  You can then click on the BACK button in your computer browser to return to the game.  The next time the vial hits the "Death" space, return to this page and click HERE.