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Want to know how to make more cash?

Here are some hints to help you out.  Just be aware, looking at all of these hints will give you a perfect score... so be aware this might hurt some of the fun!  We are aware that this is a VERY tough challenge, but we designed it to be that way due to the large number of requests from fans who wanted a very tough puzzle they could take some extra time on.    This is a perfect walkthrough of this challenge, however.  The earlier hints are for the smaller dollar amounts and the later ones are for the biggest amounts.  

+ Hint 1

At the bottom of the note Clyde wrote, there are some directions reading Up Down...etc. Start with the Manager box on the lid of the physical box and follow the directions until you land on a box... this should contain a significant amount of money.

+ Hint 2

It looks like Clyde must have gotten some ink on his fingers... If only we knew what 4 digit number those prints represent. It might even earn you a cash reward.

+ Hint 3

At the top of the box it says that "Security is our first priority." Maybe it should be yours too.

+ Hint 4

When you click on most of the boxes, a hint is there letting you know that "the boxes that are doubled hold some money." Look at the boxes on the lid and on the bottom of the physical box. 2 of those numbers are listed on multiple safety deposit boxes. Perhaps both of these numbers contain some cash?

+ Hint 5

There are 2 boxes that are different colors... that is interesting...

+ Hint 6

At the top of Clyde's not there are some A's, B's, C's, and arrows. On the lid of the box, there are also empty boxes labelled A,B, and C. We need to figure out the value of each of those boxes. The arrows tell you how to figure out the pattern to figure out the value of that box. For example, to find out the number of box A, read horizontally from left to right. Do you see a pattern in the numbers of the boxes? Try again for B and C. Then do the math problem with their numbers to find a box with a large money value.

+ Hint 7

Perhaps Mr. X's account number is a box.... But which number is his?

+ Hint 8

Now that you know that Mr. X is James Hyde, let's look at his balance. It says that he has "-$53.00." Maybe you should subtract this amount from the amount of physical cash you have collected. I bet THAT would give you a very big amount of money.