Game Over!



The shot rings out over the entire city.  It is followed by another and another and another.  The screams begin to drift from the Capitol building all the way to Rose Greenhow's house.  Women cry and soldiers dart about in confusion.  The President has been shot.  You look around at your group in despair.  You tried, but unfortunately you were not fast enough.  Before you have a chance to investigate things further, you are pulled back to the present.

The Clockmaker is there along with the other members of EMIT.  They don't need to say a word.  The look on their faces is enough.  Slowly, you walk from the office, and back out into the sunlight.  Ever so slightly, the world begins to fade around you.  The last thing you see before the world becomes a solid black is a monument...which seems to spring up from the pavement before you.  It reads: Rose Greenhow - The Spy who saved the Confederacy.