Escape: The Trials of Houdini


Mission #4

SOLD OUT FOR 2019. Boxes #1-6 will not be available in 2019, as announced and advertised on our website since September of 2019. They will be available again for a very limited time during early July of 2020 for our annual Retired Sale.

We finally might have our big break as to the identity of the madman who has been changing history.  A fortune teller in the turn of the century Coney Island claims to know all that we seek... but her knowledge comes at a price.  To discover her secrets, we must inspect the rides and sideshows of Coney Island, searching for the secret files stashed by the greatest Illusionist of all time...Harry Houdini.  Along the way, you might have to do a little magic yourselves...As long as you aren't so "tied up" that you can't escape before the clock runs out....


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