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Escape: Inferno


Mission #9

SOLD OUT FOR 2019. Boxes #7-9 will not be available after September 2nd, as announced and advertised on our website since the middle of July of 2019. They will be available again for a very limited time during early July of 2020 for our annual Retired Sale.


     On August 24th, 1814, the White House, then known as the President’s Mansion, burned to the ground.  The British invaded the United States capital and began their looting of the city, yet one key piece of American History was saved from destruction… the portrait of George Washington.  Dolley Madison, the first lady at the time, historically stayed behind until the painting could be safely removed… yet in a new timeline, the painting was not able to be saved.  We are sending you, agents, back in time to the burning of Washington.  You have one hour to explore the mansion, save the painting, and escape the flames to restore history.   But as you will soon discover, there is far more at stake here than a painting… 


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