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Escape the Lost Colony


Mission #5

Available for purchase as a retired crate.  This ships out on February 3rd!

The colony of Roanoke - 1590

     In this spooky, but family friendly, escape adventure, we are sending you back to England’s first attempted permanent colony in the Americas….Roanoke.  Expecting a colony full of settlers, you discover something much more eerie. Everyone has vanished…  The tables are still set for dinner, the coals are still hot, but no one in the entire colony can be found.  There is no sign of violence and any written accounts of the events appear to be locked up securely.  The only cryptic clue as to what has gone on is the word: CROATOAN carved into the wood.   

     Even worse, you find that you are trapped here.  The rest of the time traveling agents left you alone in the eerie stillness of a world where you might just disappear next.  You have 1 hour to discover the mysteries of Roanoke, to identify a suspect associated with the disappearance, to find the missing gears of your pocket watch, and to repair the time machine.  Will you escape or will you become the next part of the legend of the LOST COLONY?  


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