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Escape: Quest for the Lost City


Mission #16

Available as a Retired Mission Here

     This is no ordinary treasure hunt. This is not the city of gold… this is something much bigger than that. The Incan Empire was one of the most mysterious civilizations the world has ever known and it holds one of the largest secrets. The lost city of Patiti was said to be a massive city filled with gold, jewels, and priceless treasures. Tucked away in the lush jungles of Peru, the city has claimed the lives of many explorers who have tried to find the path, but they never held the secret you do. A mysterious package has been delivered to us from the Vatican filled with maps and tools used by Spanish conquistadors. It appears the lost city had been found before… and with the maps in your possession, you have the chance to find it again. In this combination treasure hunt and escape room, you must unravel the path, decode the secrets, and survive the quest, with danger lurking only steps behind.


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