Fun Fact: EMIT is TIME backwards...since we go back in time.

Fun Fact: EMIT is TIME backwards...since we go back in time.


Emergency Mediation In Time

Greetings and salutations!  Welcome to EMIT... the world's only organized time traveling institution.  Our mission is simple...We go back in time and fix issues that have arisen...often the result of time travel in the first place.  A laptop has appeared in Ancient Rome?  We go back in time and fix that.  The Nazis win a strategic battle in WWII in which they were supposed to lose?  We fix that, as well.  

Recently... our caseload has exploded.  There are only a few members of our team and we simply can't handle the number of changes that are occurring in time.  That is why YOU have been brought in. 

We are shipping time traveling crates to YOU.  Gather with your friends and family and open your crate.  After imputing some information into a computer or mobile device, we will send you back in time to help us fix changes to the timeline.  These events are often ones that require finding an anachronism...or object that does not belong in the time period... and destroying it before its presence changes history.  We also may send you back to stop an event from occurring which would change history or to crack unsolved mysteries.  The number of missions we can send you on is astronomical!

We must warn you, however...If you can't complete the mission in the time allotted... Time ripples will occur.  What are those?  Simple.  Any change to history, no matter how small, sends ripples through history making even bigger changes until eventually history becomes unrecognizable.  It may even create a paradox...where the existence of time travel doesn't exist... and that's bad.  REALLY bad.  End of the world bad.

Don't worry, however...  We are sure that you have what it takes.  We have several missions back in time waiting to be sent out.  You can peruse them in the "Missions" tab.  The most urgent ones regard stopping an assassination attempt on Abraham Lincoln, boarding a pirate ship captained by Blackbeard, battling in the arena of the Roman Colosseum, and matching wits with grand illusionist, Harry Houdini. 

EMIT needs YOUR help.  Please click HERE to subscribe for your first mission now.  History depends upon you.


The Clockmaker