Escape: Murder in the Forgotten Tomb


Mission #13

Available as a Retired Mission Here

     In the 1920’s the excavation of ancient tombs was all the rage, especially after Howard Carter discovered the tomb of King Tut. There were many other teams of archaeologists in the Valley of the Kings who were not so lucky, however. We’ve been called back to check on the whereabouts of a team of explorers who have gone missing while on the search for one of the biggest archaeological discoveries of all time. You have heard that the tomb was cursed, for many who enter meet grisly ends soon after. Upon entering it yourself, you begin to believe it. The professor in charge of the search has been murdered, his body mummified in the depths of the tunnels. You have one hour to search the passageways, discover the codes, and find the clues to determine “whodunnit” before you too become another cursed intruder in the forgotten tomb.


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