Escape the Mothman


(Uncover the Secrets during the first week of October or November of 2019)

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     In this eerie, yet family friendly, escape adventure, we are sending you back in time to the quiet town of Point Pleasant, West Virginia. At first glance, it seems like the least likely place in the world for something sinister to happen. However, in 1966-1967 the small town was rocked by the appearance of a mysterious creature…one known as the Mothman. With large wings, glowing red eyes, and the aura of danger hovering around it, the creature roamed the woods and the skies. We are sending you back to 1967 to investigate claims of a Mothman sighting where your name was brought up by the creature. An abandoned cabin holds the secrets you need, where the radio crackles with incomprehensible codes and strange men in black suits stalk the streets waiting for your arrival. You only have an hour to explore the cabin, piece together the evidence, and escape before you end up disappearing into the night. Check out some “prequel puzzles” by clicking HERE.


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