Escape Alcatraz


(Break out during December or during the Holiday season of 2019)

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     TWO 45 minute escape adventures await you in our holiday box! Our agency is in crisis! The Clockmaker, head of EMIT, has been framed and locked up in the world famous prison known as Alcatraz. The place is said to be the most secure prison on Earth, with many escape attempts proving to be failures. That is where you come in… You have 2 missions to complete. First, find a way to escape your jail cell before the guards notice you are missing. Clues are hidden everywhere, along with the tools you will need to get out. The second mission asks you to do the impossible: Rescue the boss and find a way to escape the island itself. The search light is always watching for you and the bay is known to hold Great White Sharks… yet this escape attempt is your only option to save our agency and perhaps the entire world.


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