Game Over


The theater doors slam shut…

You glance at your team members uncertainly. After all of this…all of your sabotages… all of your effort… the movie trailer still premiered on schedule. It doesn’t take long before you realize that it is going to be a hit. The same well dressed men and women you saw entering the theater begin to exit, their faces brimming with excitement. Many of them are commenting on how it will be this year’s best film, while others say that it will be a classic. Either way, you know that you have failed. By this time tomorrow the entire country will have heard of the upcoming movie and it will be too late to be cancelled. You just hope that your boss won’t be too angry. Even worse… you hope that the world will take the story as a work of fiction and not the truth… for if they do…you will be in very serious trouble indeed.

  Unfortunately, you have failed at this mission, however, you can always click the back button twice to continue playing without a time limit to see the game to its conclusion or you can reset the game using the password "action" by clicking HERE.