Game Over


You hear the door to the truck slam…

It sounds like they have finished loading the truck. You know that by now there is very little chance of you being able to figure out who the murderer is…let alone to be able to catch the criminal. They are going to get a chance to simply ride off from the tomb without a look back at you. You walk down the dark and damp passageways of the tomb, not sure how you will be able to explain your failure of this mission to the boss. You pause for a second to catch your breath…but you still hear footsteps through the tomb behind you. You spin around, praying that you will not become the next victim.

  Unfortunately, you have failed at this mission, however, you can always click the back button twice to continue playing without a time limit to see the game to its conclusion or you can reset the game using the password "larson" by clicking HERE.