The Passenger Car


Some names are written on the chairs...

     "These must be the names for the list!"  The only question is who goes where.  Luckily, a sheet of paper was found on one of the seats.  

     You look at the names and the seats for a while.  Eventually, you think you know who was who...  Enter first letter of each person's name into the computer starting with the person in position A...all the way to person F, according to the chart.  


Discover the Conspirators and Detectives


+ Hint 1

There is a lot of logic to this one... Let's start by saying that the leader of the conspirators and the leaders of the detectives should be easy, as they aren't on any seats....

+ Hint 2

According to the logic clues, one detective and one co-conspirator were on each side of the train. That means that 2 people were neither. 1 on each side.

+ Hint 3

If Warne is a detective and is in the front row... then Warne can't be the secretary, since the secretary has someone in front of them. That must tell you what position Warne had for the detectives...

+ Hint 4

Since Warne is a girl, that means that the spy isn't sitting directly across from her. Just knowing that should give you the identity of the spy AND the secretary.

+ Hint 5

The Police Cheif can only be sitting in one spot, now that we know where the others were

+ Hint 6

On the left hand side, Warne is the Head of Female Detectives and Kane is the Police Chief. On the right hand side, Brown is the spy and Davies is the secretary. Ferrandini is the head conspirator and Pinkerton is the detective head.

+ Solution

Enter "fkbpwd" in as the code