Once again, the lock clicks open...revealing....

Very little....  Most of the suitcases are empty.  One of them, however, did hold some items of interest.  OPEN THE LUGGAGE ENVELOPE NOW.

A note inside, however reads to

“Pass this message along to General Beauregard. It is in the form of a handkerchief, which should remain hidden from Union eyes. When you arrive, instruct him to fold and connect the assassination target with their birthdate in the order of birth with the oldest target first. That should be all the information he needs.”

Maybe this information can help….


Contents of Envelope:

  • Handkerchief

  • Flag

  • Cipher Piece


If time runs out click: "Times up!"  



- Unlock the library door



+ Hint 1

Have you examined all parts of the luggage? Searched every nook and cranny?

+ Hint 2

Perhaps you were given some information about the Lincolns earlier? Perhaps on the back of the Greenhow sheet?

+ Hint 3

Remember that Robert is not supposed to be attacked…

+ Hint 4

Carefully fold the cloth so the birth year touches the name of the person. Keep it folded and then fold the next name. After you have folded all of them, the message will appear.

+ Hint 5

Feel free to search the inside of the box for your key. The code for the computer is on the back of the key.

+ Solution

Type “pinkerton” into the library door