Mothman Report 2


A Local schoolteacher claims to have seen the mothman… perhaps we can unscramble a one word message to give to the boss.


This report is like 100 other reports of the monster to surface in Point Pleasant. The boss, however, thinks that a single word can come from this report. Enter that word in the link below to gain access to another clue.

ENTER THE SOLUTION (Locked with a word)

Need a hint?


+ Hint 1

We have a police report, a picture of footprints, eyes, and a picture of wings. Perhaps the police report can tell us which eyes, wings, and feet we need.

+ Hint 2

The monster has red eyes, a 10 foot wingspan, and 2 legs. What letters do we get from those?

+ Hint 3

The letters of R, E, T, R, E, C, A, and U are found from selecting those options. If we unscramble these, we might get a word.

+ Hint 4

When unscrambled, you can get the word "CREATURE."

+ Solution

Enter "creature" into the link.