Step 1:

Reset the Colosseum

  • Take the joker and return it to the "Emperor's Box."  Seal this.
  • Take the "Emperor's Box" and the Colosseum map and place them into the "Arena" envelope. Seal this.
  • Place the fish charm, the sun/moon charm, the green tile, and the blue tile into the bulla.  Close the bulla and tape it onto the bottom of the box.
  • Take the "Citizens" message and place it into the "Lion" envelope.  Seal this.
  • Take the "Lion" envelope, the white tile, oscar's note, and the chain links and place them into the "Door to the Beasts" envelope.  Seal this.
  • Place the "Swords point the way" page and 1 sword into the "Hypogeum Gate" envelope.  Seal this.
  • Place the double-sided pot, a sword, the yellow tile, and the black tile in the the "Tunnels" envelope.  Seal this.
  • Place the maze, the collection of jars, the orange tile, the "Tunnels" envelope, and "Hypogeum gate" envelope into the "Statue Envelope."  Seal this.
  • Take the red tile, pink tile, the fountain, a sword, the "Statue" envelope, the "Door to the beasts" envelope, and the "Arena Envelope" and place them into the "Colosseum" envelope.  Seal this.

Step 2:

Reset EMIT Research Office

  • Place the Colosseum info sheet into the "Filing Cabinet" envelope and seal it. 
  • Take the "Filing Cabinet" envelope, the blacklight, the magnifying glass, the Roman Numeral sheet, and the Roman "Grand Spectacle" flyer and insert them into the "EMIT Research Office" envelope.  Seal this.
  • Make sure the coded message sticker and the fountain repair stickers are firmly on the box.  In addition, make sure the GWFAJ message is written on the back of the box

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