The Midnight Express

back of train.jpg


      You appear in a clearing next to some railroad tracks...empty and forlorn in the midnight air.  It's hard to even imagine a train would be traveling along the track at this hour... but it is immediately clear that something is amiss.  At your feet is a lantern, illuminating a silver object in the grass.  

      As you pick it up to examine it more closely, you hear the rumble of the dark train as it rolls into view.  Knowing there is not much time, you hop onto the very last car and try to open the door before you are noticed.  It is locked, with a very strange keyhole.  Engraved on the lock, however, is the following:


I travel in a pair,
And, as reminded, am not in a team,
I sometimes make a spectacle of myself,
From a needle to a hurricane,
I sometimes may be hard to open,
But nearly always am closed after midnight.

      Perhaps if you can figure out the meaning of this, you will be able to unlock the door in the "Objective" below.  Remember to use your hints if you are stuck.  



Unlock the door



+ Hint 1

The riddle must be the answer of how to get on the train... It is something that deals with both hurricanes and needles.

+ Hint 2

Make a "Spectacle" of yourself?

+ Hint 3

Remember, it is asking for an INDIVIDUAL object...not the name of the pair. Make sure you are not capitalizing the answer.

+ Solution