Stop the clock NOW.  

You rush to the carriage and throw open the door.  Inside sits a man with a revolver.  The revolver is not from 1861, however.  It is modern and quite out of the time period.  The man stares at the group of you for an instant and then gives a twisted grin.  You level your weapons at him, but he is too fast.  With the press of a button on a silver pocket watch , he vanishes into midair.  Disgruntled that you did not catch the man, you all move into the carriage.  That is when you find the object….  And when you are transported back to the EMIT headquarters.   PLEASE OPEN THE MISSION ACCOMPLISHED ENVELOPE NOW!!!!!

     Thanks for playing! Make sure you also play the prequel, Escape the Midnight Express.  Some information from this mission will help you out with those challenges.  It is a fun way to keep the challenge alive while waiting for your next crate.  


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Historical Accuracy Disclaimer:  

     This escape adventure is fictional, but does use real people and places.  Rose O'Neal Greenhow was indeed a Confederate spy during the war, however she never plotted an assassination of Abraham Lincoln or his family.  She did live "a gunshot away from the President's Mansion," so the address found in the first challenge is probably pretty close to the location of her actual house.   All of the names on the objects hidden in her portrait envelope are from real people she corresponded with.  She did indeed hide messages in handkerchiefs and messages were hidden in ribbons or were rolled up in tiny packages.  Her house did indeed have a large library, where it is thought she kept her ciphers.   The cipher used is a VERY close replica of her own real cipher used to spy against the Union.  The name of Pinkerton, as used on the key and in the "Escape the Midnight Express" mini-game, is that of the Union spy and private eye who did catch her and expose her to the world.


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