Clockmaker’s Challenge



It is very simple… if you are able to complete this extra challenge, you can add 10 more minutes onto the clock. Keep in mind, however, that the clock for the challenge remains ticking while you try this, so trying for the Clockmaker’s Challenge could actually hurt your game…. If at any time for the remainder of the game, you are able to successfully play 10 bounces of the game “Jacks” you may add 10 minutes back onto the clock. How do you play this, you may ask? The rules are below. When you complete it, there is no need to return to this page. Just add 10 minutes onto the time and continue playing…

The Rules

To win these extra minutes, take the 10 jacks from the “Jacks bag” and spread them out on the table. Then take the ball from the “Jacks bag” and toss it into the air. Allow the ball to bounce once…and only once… before you catch it again. The goal of the game is, from when you toss the ball into the air and you catch the ball again, you need to pick up 1 jack from the table in the same hand with which you are attempting to catch the ball. If you succeed, take the jack you won and place it in your other hand for safe-keeping and then try again for another jack. If you fail to capture a jack during the bounce OR the ball bounces more than once before you catch it, you must return all earned jacks to the table and start again from 0. If you manage to get all 10 jacks into your earned hand, you win the 10 minute bonus.