The Clockmaker's Challenge


Can you beat this extra challenge?

     The Clockmaker's Challenge is a bonus mission that can be completed at any time for the rest of the game.  If you complete this challenge, 10 minutes will be added back onto the clock, which can be great if you are running low on time.  This is also a risk, however, as you lose time from the main game trying to complete this mission.  


     In this challenge, we need to balance out history for a bit... compare two time periods of history.  How do we do that?  By placing the envelopes correctly.  Enter a 2 digit number below, gained by placing the envelopes in the correct position IN the box.  


Solve the Clockmaker's Challenge (2 Digit Number Needed)


+ Hint 1

Position the envelopes in the box???? How is the box set up? Is it arranged in a way that allows you to separate out the envelopes that you have?

+ Hint 2

The box is split in side being from 1902 and the other from 1814. Can we put the envelopes on the correct side?

+ Hint 3

Some envelopes have 1814 written on the back of them. That might give you a hand.

+ Hint 4

Place any envelopes from 1814 on the right-hand side of the box... any that aren't on the left-hand side of the box. Can this give you a 2 digit number?

+ Hint 5

Read from left to right. There are 3 envelopes in the 1902 section. There are 4 envelopes in the 1814 section...

+ Solution

Enter "34" into the Clockmaker's Challenge