Step 1:

Reset the Colosseum

  • Take the joker and return it to the "Emperor's Box."  Seal this.
  • Take the "Emperor's Box" and the Colosseum map and place them into the "Arena" envelope. Seal this.
  • Place the fish charm, the sun/moon charm, the green tile, and the blue tile into the bulla.  Close the bulla and put the bulla label on the string.
  • Take the "Citizens" message and place it into the "Lion" envelope.  Seal this.
  • Take the "Lion" envelope, the white tile, oscar's note, and the chain links and place them into the "Door to the Beasts" envelope.  Seal this.
  • Place the "Swords point the way" page and 1 sword into the "Hypogeum Gate" envelope.  Seal this.
  • Place the double-sided pot, a sword, the yellow tile, and the black tile in the the "Tunnels" envelope.  Seal this.
  • Place the maze, the collection of jars, the orange tile, the "Tunnels" envelope, and "Hypogeum gate" envelope into the "Statue Envelope."  Seal this.
  • Take the red tile, pink tile, the fountain,bulla, blacklight, magnifying glass, coded message paper, a sword, fountain repair sheet, the "Statue" envelope, the "Door to the beasts" envelope, and the "Arena Envelope" and place them into the "Colosseum" envelope.  Seal this.