The Emperor's Box



     The Emperor reveals the prize up for grabs.  It was one reserved only for the most clever, as it was one that could only be understood by them.  You peer into his hands to see a book...  At first, disappointment floods through you.   Obviously, it wouldn't be important enough to change history.   At second glance, however, you notice that it is no ordinary book.  It is a history book, written in Latin, detailing the fall of Rome.  While it was written for a college course in 1950, the knowledge inside would prove invaluable for the Romans back in time.  If you hadn't won that book, then all of history would change.  The Roman Empire would not have fallen at all.   

     You feel a rush of relief until you see the message scribbled on the first page.  It makes your blood boil.  

     It appears that this object was left back in time on purpose again.  This madman, nicknamed "X" for short has been causing havoc across the timeline.  There were 3 things interesting, however.  The first was the date and inscription.  1907- Coney Island....  Perhaps there is something important about that date and place worthy of investigating.  Second, a playing card was stuck inside the book and must have a purpose in the puzzles to come.  Finally were those strange markings.  You remember seeing those in Escape the Confederate Spymistress.  Perhaps if you knew what those markings meant you could unlock a secret challenge HERE.  


     You travel back to the EMIT research office, where the Clockmaker greets you and congratulates you.  He, however, has some light to shed on what you found in the book.  Indeed, Coney Island holds the secret...and he feels as if it might have some connection with Harry Houdini, the famous magician and escape artist.  In 2 months, you will be able to go back in time and solve the mystery while practicing a bit of magic and avoiding being "tied up" in the great illusionist's traps.  While you are waiting, please feel free to play one of our other games like Escape the Confederate Spymistress, Escape the Queen Anne's Revenge, or our new educational escape: Escape the Mayan Temple.  



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     We tried to make this game as historically accurate as we could, while maintaining a family friendly atmosphere.  In real life, the Colosseum was a very violent place, where death was celebrated.  Many slaves and members religious groups were slaughtered to the enjoyment of thousands.  Unfortunately, many of the animals were also killed in these spectacles.  The bulla shown was actually used by citizens.  Depending upon your wealth, it could be a cloth bag, or a metal piece of jewelry.  When you became an adult, this was taken from you and was only worn on special occasions, such as a gladiator battle.  When the Emperor gave you the sign of victory, he gave a thumbs up.  This may not have been the actual method of showing victory, though it is how Hollywood shows it.  He might have actually used the thumbs down method of showing victory.  There is still a lot of debate about this, but we chose the more popular "thumbs up" message for our game.  The jars and pots are all based off of actual pots either made by the Romans or used by the Romans (usually from conquered cultures).  Finally, the number pattern puzzle by the statue was a type the Romans played for fun.   They often played lots of number puzzles and this is shown from graffiti left behind from that time period.