Game Over


Another cheer erupts from within the colosseum...

     A gladiator, seven feet tall and wearing thick armor, approaches the Emperor's box in victory.  The Emperor give him the thumbs up of approval and then immediately awards him with the prize.... a book.  While at first the book doesn't seem significant, it is what the book was about that suddenly makes the hair on the back of your neck stand on end.  It is a history book, written in Latin, detailing the fall of Rome.  While it was written for a college course in 1950, the knowledge inside would prove invaluable for the Romans back in time.  The gladiator holds the book high for the crowd to see.  You look at your teammates and you realize that this is not good.  With this book, the Romans will be able to change history and the empire will not fall.  You try to decide if you should steal the book, but it is too late.  Already, you feel yourselves becoming faint.  A quick glance down at your body, and you realize you are vanishing.... time has caught up to the present... and unfortunately for you, you failed.  

     Feel free to continue playing until completion, or you may reset the game and try again by clicking HERE.