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Escape: The Heist of Bonnie and Clyde



       Revenge is sweet....  After being one step behind the sinister Mr. X for missions and missions, the tables have turned.  Along with your fellow EMIT agents, you have targeted the location of Mr. X's secret plans....the vault of a small bank in the heart of the nation.  You know that if you are to stop his future changes to history, you are going to have to get into that vault and get your hands on those plans.  There is one tiny problem though... the bank in question is about to be robbed by a notorious duo.... Bonnie and Clyde.  You need to follow the bank robbers to their hideout, find out what they know, and break into the vault of the bank before they catch up.   In this cat and mouse game, nothing is sure.... including the ending.  There are MULTIPLE endings to this game, leading to a few different ways to replay the game until you perform the perfect heist.  Win and you will have all of the plans you need to be one step ahead of Mr. X.  Lose and you might just end up next on Bonnie and Clyde's hitlist.   


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