Pick your jobs

Temple Steps.jpg

There are 6 jobs available.  If there are fewer than 6 people in your group, then some people can take on multiple jobs.  If there are more than 6, then some people can share jobs.

Choose your jobs below.  If you can't agree on who gets a job, play rock, paper, scissors to determine the winner. Every job is IMPORTANT!


Team Leader: You must keep the group on task so that they can find the professor in time.


Password Manager: You must enter the information into the computer, so that you can move on to the next puzzles.


Official Reader: You are in charge of reading anything on the WEBSITE aloud to the group.  


Head Researcher: You are in charge of reading any PAPERS you receive aloud to the group.  


Organizational Specialist: You must keep track of any and all objects found during the game.


Head of Hints:  Keep the hint cards safe.  When you are stuck on the puzzle, you must turn in your hint card to get some help.  


Let your teacher or leader know when you have selected your jobs.  Then, wait until the teacher gives you the password to start the game!