Step 1:

Reset the Deck

  • Take the Roman flyer and return it to the rowboat envelope. Seal this.

  • Take the medicine bottle riddle and return it to the "Captain's Chest." Seal this.

  • Take the "Captain's Chest" and the note from X and place them into the Captain's Cabin envelope. Seal this.

  • Take the cork and push it back into the rum bottle using a pen or a pencil.

  • Place the plundered items list, the note from the galleymaster, one shell, and the pork bill of sale into the Galley Envelope and seal it.

  • Place the diamond and a shell into the Chest Envelope. Seal this.

  • Place the chest envelope, the conversion rate paper, the tobacco bill of sale, the starfish, the gold coin, a shell, and the handkerchief into the Crew's Quarters envelope. Seal this.

  • Click HERE to print off a new netting sheet and anachronism clue sheet. Copy over the clue onto the back of this new anachronism clue sheet.

  • Place the rowboat, captain's cabin, galley, crew's quarters, a shell, cloth bill, netting sheet, and anachronism possibilities sheet into the deck envelope. Close this and place into the box.

Step 2:

Reset the Brig

  • Re-tape the brig bars into the box above the deck envelope.

  • Place one key and the silver coin into the window envelope and seal it.

  • Place the prisoner list, another key, a bronze coin, and the remaining shell into the trapdoor envelope.

  • Place the newspaper, a key, and the mirror into the trunk. Seal this.

  • Place the pirate dictionary, blacklight, the remaining bronze coin, the trunk, the window, and the trapdoor into the EMIT envelope. Seal this.

  • Place the blacklight message into the rum bottle and place with the EMIT envelope on top of the brig bars.

  • Place the welcome message on top of the EMIT envelope and the rum bottle and close the box.

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