The Arena


OPen the arena envelope...

     You decide to fight together as a team and enter into the grand Colosseum.  Crowds fill the stands and cheer as you enter the arena.  Off to the side, you see swords and axes tossed carelessly on the ground and you can tell that some serious fights have occurred today.  However, the Colosseum is set up differently this time.  There are some strange markings on the ground and crowd seems to hush, as if waiting to see your next move.  Before you can figure out much more...your competitor steps out of the shadows.  He is huge...perhaps 7 feet tall, and is built like a mountain.  He glares at you from under his helmet and then turns his attention towards the Emperor.  If you are going to face off against this man for whatever the prize is, then you are going to need some armor.  Lying in front of you is some silver armor, polished and shining.  You attempt to put it on, but a slave runs forth and says that it he can only give it to a certain person... and he needs a name.  You look at your team and try to figure out what name you should give for the owner of this armor, just as an announcement was made to the entire arena, detailing the day's matches.  

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Identify the name of the gladiator who wore the silver armor



+ Hint 1

We need a NAME of a person. Maybe we have something from earlier in our mission that had some names on it that we didn't use...

+ Hint 2

I am "POTSitive" there was a list of names we found earlier

+ Hint 3

Listen for the name of the event won by the gladiator in your color of armor, then look up the gladiator's name on the pot that matches that event.

+ Solution

Enter "victricius" into the armor