The Sleeper Car

sleeper car.jpg

The door to the sleeper car clicks open...

     Inside are a variety of sleeping of whom you have to assume is Abraham Lincoln.  His hat was on the ground, afterall, but none of the men looked exactly like him.  You glance back down at the coded message in your hands...  The memories of your trip back in time to Rose Greenhow's house flash before you.  It had been a close call before...the President had almost been assassinated.  Thanks to your hard work, however...he had been saved in time.  

     "We will save you, Mr. President," you sigh to no one in particular and are about to turn around when a man peeks up from one of the beds.  His face is buried under a coat, but his tall form is imposing as ever.  You are sure it is the President-elect you are speaking to.  

    "Save me?" He asks.  Unable to think of what to say to him, you begin to stammer.  How are you supposed to tell him that you saved him in the future...on August 5th...when it is only February of the same year now.  Luckily, the man continues, in a strangely high pitched voice.  "You must be a Pinkerton agent.  This Baltimore Plot to kill me must be more serious than I thought."

     You suddenly remember what the Clockmaker had said...about how the Pinkerton agents had the President Elect on this train because of an assassination attempt on his life before he even became President.  Lincoln continues, "In one of those trunks up there, I heard there is information about this Baltimore Plot.  I just don't know where the key is."

     You look up at the trunk in question and pull it down.  It needs to be examined a bit further.



Examine the trunk