Escape: The Midnight Express

train 2.jpg

What you need to KNow:

This mission is intended to be a quick introduction to the style of our escape games.  While the crate itself is stuffed with objects and correspondence which you will use to advance through our adventures, you will need to input the solutions to the puzzles into our website to advance the plot.  

For this adventure, you will need to examine the pictures and words on the screen carefully to solve the puzzles.  When you think you have a solution, click the link under the "Objective" and input the password.  

If you need a hint, you may use the hint system below each puzzle... but try to solve the missions on your own.  

Get a cell phone timer ready or  prepare to watch the clock....  See how fast you can complete this mini-mission and proudly post your answer onto our Facebook group at the end.  You can compare your times with those of our other players.  

Good luck!


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